Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY Travel Seat Belt Pillows

We're making the trek to the TX coast over Easter, and I've been busy trying to spread load the prep for our trip over this week.  That's one mom, one dad, and three kids in a van for 14 hrs.  Call us crazy, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper to drive (especially if you need to rent a car on the other end), and we sort of love a good road trip.  Life gets busy so quickly, so a 14 hr car ride is the longest stretch of quiet James and I will have had to talk and reconnect in awhile. 

Quiet?  With three young kids?  Oh yes.  We clock the miles through the midnight hours.  Our kids sleep pretty well in the car, so we take full advantage of that! 

We try to give them a pretty active day before we head out, so they'll be nice and tired for the trip.  We leave ABQ around 5:30pm, and drive thru someplace for dinner.  Eating in the car keeps the kids occupied for awhile and then they are pretty good to listen to music or do a few car seat activities.  We stop around 7:45pm for a potty break and get into pj's.  Then it's back on the road, where the kids are asleep fairly quickly. 

James and I take turns driving (with a couple gas stops) and the kids usually wake up with the sun around 6 am.  We stop again for potty, breakfast and to stretch a bit, then it's back in the car for the last 2 hour stretch.  At that point they are excited to look around and do some of the car ride activities they couldn't do at night.  We're definitely tired the next day, but excited Grandparents are waiting on the other end, so we can usually snag a nap. 

My only complaint about the last trip was not being able to get very comfy for rest and the kids heads that kept flopping over while they slept.  Talk about a sore neck!  Although they never complained. 

I pinned this seat belt pillow on Pinterest and busted out three of them last night. 
DIY Seat Belt Pillow, made these for the kids super easy sewing project, tutorial on  blog
It's a super easy DIY, but I was really tired and accidentally sewed the ribbons (used to tie them to the belt) on the inside.  Apparently, my coffee intake was lacking.  Anyhow, I'll be hand stitching those on this afternoon, and am hopeful that the little's will sleep more comfortably this time around!  Or at least I won't feel like I have to go back and hold someone's head up. 

They sure are excited about them..

I also found this tutorial for an adult pillow that folds right over the seat belt. 
 Pineapple Mama: Seat-belt Travel Pillow Tutorial

I made one of those for the Mr. and I to share when it's our turn to sleep
He'll just have to get over the pink floral print.  I was all about working with what we had!  

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  1. Have a great and safe trip!!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. What a great idea! I'll have to remember for our next long drive- we're a family of road warriors, too!

  3. Safe travels, Deme! What great ideas for travel pillows!

  4. I'm glad you liked my tutorial :) I love the floral print you used!

    1. I love your seat belt pillow idea! The link to the tutorial seems to be down though. Would you be willing to re-post it or send along the measurements? Thank you so much!

  5. The links for the Pineapple Mama tutorial are broken and I would like to know the measurements for the 'fold over' pillow...
    can you guide me through this. I found your post by googling seat belt pillow after I saw that her links on her blog were no longer viable.
    Thank you Pat

    1. Hi Ladies - I'm sorry the links don't seem to working. I looked around her website and couldn't find the post or an email address to contact Pineapple Mama directly :( I'll keep trying to get in touch with her. In the meantime I will take some measurements of my pillow and see if I can't break it down :)

    2. Any luck with those measurements? I was hoping to make a few of these for an upcoming trip too! :)

    3. I'm sorry for the late response! Our blog has moved over to a new address We also moved (literally) recently and I have not come across the pillow in our unpacking yet. But try this post here for some more details:

      I hope that helps!


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