Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe: A New Spot!

Hello, Everyone!  I'm so excited to share some of things in store for both the blogs in 2013 later this week, but one of the main ways we're switching things up is by moving these "What I Wore" type posts over to the family blog.   I've really enjoyed them but have struggled to work them into the house DIY/organizing focus of this blog.

If you've enjoyed following these posts, you can check out Crinion Clan for my weekly take on modest fashion.  I'll share the links to these posts on the FCOP Facebook page, so if you would like to follow that way, just click on the Facebook icon on the sidebar!

I've moved the gallery page over to the family blog but all personal style posts before now, will remain hosted here at Fresh Coat Of Paint. 

The first "What I Wore" post for Crinion Clan is up now!  Here's a sneak peak...

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Favorites Of 2012!

Was Christmas really just on Tuesday?  Even though it seems like it was a week ago, I'm still digging out cardboard, ripped tags, and pieces of wrapping paper to prove otherwise!  I hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Christmas!

We had a such a special day and continue to celebrate into this week, but in a much more relaxed way.  I'm trying to claim some quiet and peace wherever we can and am actually enjoying the letdown from the rush before Christmas.

I've also been thinking a lot about the coming year with regards to the blog and our family....I'm so excited for the year ahead and can't wait to share some of the changes and new things that will be happening around here!

But first, let's jump on the blogging bandwagon and take a little trip down 2012's memory lane....

I started Fresh Coat Of Paint this past February, so she's not quite a year old.  We I knew there was a lot to do in this house and sometimes I can get overwhelmed by all there is left to touch, much less conquer.  But taking a look back is good for perspective and for the soul.  I was surprised at how much we accomplished when I took time to go back through this year's posts.

Here's my favorite from each month....

One of the first *real* projects I shared on the blog was taking Sully from a crib to his big boy bed that we painted a deep blue back in March.

In April we tackled a knock-off project, attempting to recreate Pottery Barn inspired curtains on a much smaller budget.  I still love them!

We tackled a few different areas in May, but my favorite room progress by far was in Mia's room.  I debated forever on how to address that dark pink focal wall.  The answer turned out to be butterflies!

In June we organized and refinished Mia's vanity - my favorite spot in her room.

Summer months are crazy hot around these desert parts, so the best time to enjoy being outdoors is in the morning and evenings.  A summer breakfast on the patio with some girlfriends was a treat in July...and something I could do every week!

Our breakfast nook redo was such a labor of love and we were thrilled to share the final results with you all in August!

In September we shared the closet organization for Mia's room, including some DIY fabric appliqued bins to help sort outgrown clothes.

October brought the opportunity to join The Nester in her 31 Day Challenge: write on one topic for 31 days.  I put myself on a project spending freeze for 31 days and worked and wrote on "Working With What You Have".  My favorite project from that series was this Mike Wazowski costume that Jack sported in monster-like glory!

In November we spruced up some pine cones with gold and silver paint, creating a simple, nature inspired Thanksgiving table.

We didn't do too much in the way of DIY Christmas decorations this year, but we did bust out a Christmas Card Display....with a little felt, twine and clothespins, our Santa Suit clothespin display gave our dining room plenty of Christmas cheer!

Since this blog baby is not quite a year old, all the projects in the Project Gallery are one's we've done this year.  I'm looking forward to adding many more in 2013!

I never could have imagined how much inspiration and encouragement I've found through the blogging community.  Wonderful readers, amazing new friends, and a place to share the things I love.  What could be better?

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"What I Wore On Christmas" - Camp Patton

Grace over at Camp Patton is hosting a "What I Wore to Christmas" linkup, and well.....why not!

But first, thank you for the prayers and wishes for our family to get back to healthy in time for Christmas!  The boys were much better on Monday but still too snotty and sleep deprived to cart to Christmas Mass.  James and I headed out with the bambina while the boys camped out at home with my parents.

In case our hair didn't give it away, it was a little windy out.
(My Dress: Old Navy | Bubble necklace: Pick Your Plum...for 5 bucks!)

We went to the children's mass and Mia loved the nativity play and hearing the children's choir.
 (Mia's outfit...Dress: J Crew Online Outlet - Cyber Monday steal! | Blue ribbon belt and hair clip: DIY - glitter ribbon from Hobby Lobby | Silver shoes: Target | Velvet Coat: hand-me-down)

When we got home my parents had the boys dressed in what would have been their church duds, so we could grab a family pic.  They rock. 

Today, everyone was back to almost-normal.  This pic is deceiving...I was in pj's more than clothes for most of the day.  And this is Sully's favorite spot - snuggled up in the middle.

A rare shot of the hubs and I, together sans kids.

We had to drive my parents to the airport later tonight, so on went the coat.  It was such a gift to have my parents with us for Christmas and we'll have more pics of all our shenanigans with them over on the family blog later this week.

The silver and black bracelet was a stocking stuffer from my mom...I think she snatched it up from Marshall's.  It was instant friends with this snowman necklace made of pearls from my mother-in-law.  Do they have great taste or what?!

Jacket: Target clearance rack, maternity...I tell myself it's now a baby doll style coat :) | Red sweater: Gap clearance, several years ago | Pants: Old Navy's Rockstar zip-pocket pants | Boots: Target | Necklace: gift | Bracelet: gift (Marshall's)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Our baby turns 2 years old tomorrow and I'm still trying to figure out how to do this whole birthday-the-day-after-Christmas thing.  Any ideas??

Now come join in the fun over at The Camp!

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Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe: The Sick Edition

Mia's last day of school was Friday and on Saturday morning she woke up on cue with a cold :(  She managed to dodge the flu and other bugs that had been circulating her classroom until now...but at least we're at home and my parents are here for backup. 

Did I mention the boys got it too? Yup.  And with an allergy attack that had me sneezing on everything, the only one who made it to Mass this morning was James.  Way to go, Babe.

For the past few days it's been too cold to play outside and with 3 sick kids, we were experiencing some serious cabin fever.   It was a really nice day (not cold enough to trigger more snot than was already on the move from three little noses), so out we went to the backyard.  Sometimes fresh air is the best medicine. Or can intensify the sick induced crankiness...

I sipped on something warm while James was roped into wagon rides.

Since I kept my own snot at home and away from my fellow parishioners, James excitedly assumed he was off the hook for taking an outfit shot this week. That probably would have been a good decision.  Behold, the randomness....

I know.  But it's "What I Wore" this Sunday, in all it's blah glory. 

I am so looking forward to Christmas Mass - for many reasons.  We are praying for a healthy family that can fully celebrate together! 

It's been hard to embrace the anticipation of Advent and Christmas fast approaching when a nasty bug just makes everything seem more like work and less like joy.  But we are trying to pull our heads out of the icky fog and turn our eyes to the manger.  Even if we're each still toting around a box of Kleenex.  We pray that each of you has a safe and blessed Christmas with those you love!

*Linked up with "What I Wore Sunday" at Fine Linen & Purple

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Pinterest Inspired Gifts: Fort Kits!

One of my favorite gift ideas that I shared in this Homemade Gift Guide post was the Fort Kit.  I pinned this one created for a super hero birthday party, but I thought the idea of a Mega Fort Kit with all the tools for a great afternoon of fort play would be a gift that kids of all ages could enjoy.

We have seven special families with young kids to gift and last night seven Mega Fort Kit's were born!  
 Yes, these were finally assembled last night.  I'm totally on the ball over here. 

I apologize in advance for the color/lighting in these photos.  This was a post-kiddo-bedtime operation :)  

I tried to be as resourceful as possible with these, beginning with the bag.  I found some decent pillow cases ($3.00 for 2) at Big Lots.  They were a standard size but still much bigger than I needed.

So, I began by cutting each pillow case in half.  Here it is inside out with the top of the case on the right and the bottom half on the left.  I folded over the newly cut edge of the bottom half and sewed a 1 inch hem.  The top half was already open so I just sewed the cut edge closed.

I turned them right side out and had two bags!

 I printed some simple labels on card stock and punched a hole in the corner. 
(I cut a hole in the side of the top hem of each bag and ran some twine all the way through to cinch it closed.)

We ended up putting in a bit more than we listed on the tag
Almost all of the items came from the Dollar Store or Target dollar bins....with the exception of the sheets.  I grabbed the single flat queen sheets from Walmart.  Each bag cost me around $20 total.

To distinguish each bag and keep all the items from getting jumbled, I cut out the first letter of each family's last name in some colorful fabric.   We had 2 families with "C" so I used a blue gingham for the family with all boys.

I laid down some paper on the kitchen floor and sprayed a little spray adhesive on the back of each letter.

I quickly stuck it to the front of the bag and we were in business!

 We loaded the bags up with all the fort making goodies, tied them off and shipped them out this morning.  And prayed they would arrive before Christmas! 
It was fun to put something like this together - a bit of store bought and a bit of handmade.  We hope each family will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!

So tell me..has anyone else found their gift giving inspiration from Pinterest this year? Or still finishing up those homemade gifts? Please tell me some of you are still getting your gifts in the mail too!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Captive The Heart

I'm so honored and excited to be sharing today over at Captive The Heart!  Stephanie has a blog bursting with creative and resourceful inspiration for brides to be!  I was beyond happy to participate in her new series "Like A Lily", in which she asks fellow bloggers to share a peek inside their style and their closets, and to pick out a bridal look as inspiration.  Sign me up!

Even though my wedding was almost 7 years ago, I had just as much fun putting together a wedding look all over again.  Here's one of the shots that inspired my choices for neutral wedding with pops of soft pink and touches of mint!

So, hop on over to Captive the Heart to see all my bridal style picks, well as oodles of wedding and marriage inspiration!  Thank you, Stephanie!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Beginning To Look At Lot Like...

....A Man Cave!

I apologize for the lack of project posting around here.  My mom is in town and we've whipped out the paint brushes (a common occurrence when we're together).  We're finally saying goodbye to the feminine blue walls in the family room and giving them a fresh coat of manly grey.  Hopefully just right for a manly den. Here's a sneak peak...

I promise a "real" post is coming soon :) 

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe: Neutrals And A Bit O Pink

We picked up my mom from the airport last night and she was welcomed to Albuquerque with a light dusting of snow this morning! 

Really.  It snowed.  Can't you see it?  It's like Where's Waldo...just keep looking for it.

The only light pink I could find for this 3rd Sunday in Advent was in these earrings. I did use my pink purse, but forgot to grab it for the pic.

My mom always brings me the best "I got this for myself but it didn't fit" hand-me-downs.  This winter white sweater was the latest and was perfect for a cold icy morning.   This pic is courtesy of Sully - the kid has some mad 3yr old photography skills..

He also grabbed this one of my mom and I.   Isn't she lovely?  :)

Not only did my mom bring an awesome sweater, she brought a bag of my Grandmother's costume jewelry.

I couldn't hold back the tears as I went through each piece.  I have vivid memories of her wearing so many of them and am so grateful for such an incredible treasure.  I can't wait to wear them.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Rundown on the duds.....

Coat: Forever 21
Sweater: wrongly sized from my Mom
Grey pants: Mossimo via Target
Zebra belt: TJ Maxx
Earrings: Target
Nude heels: Rack Room Shoes 

*Linking up again with the fine ladies at Fine Linen And Purple!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Small Merry Updates

We're still plugging away at getting our home ready for Christmas - like the little engine that could over here!  I didn't want to stress over decorations this year....over what we put up or how fast we do it.  I had a few crafty projects in mind to try and some ideas for how to switch up the decorations we already have, but I've taken the pressure of getting it done by (fill in the blank) off myself.  And it's been a lot more fun :)

I have a festive project that I hope is dry enough to share tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's a quickie holiday update we made to a fall item.

Remember the coffee bean and vanilla candle piece we did here?

I pulled out the dried branches and replaced them with some sparkly silver tinsel....

Instant holiday!
I may throw some ornaments in the base too, but this is going into the family room/man cave.  So, I'll wait until we actually get it in there before I change things up.

Coffee beans probably don't fall into the "holiday scent" category, but I just can't get enough of the nutty-chocolatey pinon bean + vanilla aroma.  I may try to swap the vanilla candles for a peppermint smell...peppermint mocha goodness anyone??

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa Suit Clothespin Card Display!

The steady flow of Christmas cards has officially begun!  And it was becoming obvious that I needed to come up with a way to display them stat or they were all going to end up crumpled between a certain 2 yr old's hands.

I had an idea for a card display last year and never got around to actually making it.  The bonus to the slacking is that I still have all the supplies to get er' done!  Namely jute and clothespins. 

I planned to cover the clothespins with some sort of pretty scrapbook or wrapping paper, but then small white pom poms came to mind and I decided to go a more playful direction!

Meet our...
 I think it's super charming and even better, it was super easy!

 Here's what I used for this project:

- Regular clothespins
- White pom poms
- Red felt
- Strip of black fabric
- Jute or twine (not pictured - oops!)
- Hot glue gun

(I planned to use the tacky glue to adhere the felt to the pin, but ended up using my trusty glue gun for everything)

I started by laying a clothespin over the felt and cut out a piece to size.  I used that first one as a template to cut about 20 more pieces.  Be sure to use the same strip as your template for each one or you could end up with a wonky shape by the end...sort of like a game of telephone.  I didn't trace.  Just laid the cut strip over the felt and used it as a cutting guide.

Each pin takes one red strip, a thin black strip for the belt and 2 poms.

I applied hot glue to the entire surface, skipping over the metal hinge.

Then stuck the red felt strip to the top.

I lined up the black strip with the bottom edge just above the metal hinge.  I attached it with hot glue.

Then more hot glue for the two white pom poms on top, and we had us a Santa suit!

I used the first completed pin as my guide for the rest.  I lined up each pin next to it and matched up the belt and poms placement.

When it came time to hang them, I first mounted 3 small wreaths I grabbed on clearance last year.   I used one pin for the wreath's loop (green pin) and placed another (the blue) just above the top of the wreath itself as a place to tie the jute rope. 

I tied a knot in the jute around the pins at the end of the wall and wrapped the one in the middle of the wall.

Wreaths and jute in place!

Just ready for some Santa pins!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

And then came the cards!  We plan to put all of the photo cards we receive on the line and traditional cards on top of the mantle or piano.  

I realized we would probably need more pins, so I hung another string of jute across a large window on the adjacent wall.

I sort of adore them...

I also love having them in our dining room and may adopt my friend Morgan's tradition (over at Morganize With Me) of choosing a card each night and praying for that family before dinner.  It would be a great addition to the advent season and way enjoy our cards even more.

Over the weekend we also put up these little guys.  It's become a tradition to hang ornaments or seasonal goodies from the chandelier.  The dining room is the place for most of our kiddo decorations and these plush ornaments (from last year) were perfect for bringing a little fun to our light!
Slowly but surely we're getting there!  Hopefully I'll have more Christmas projects to share throughout the week!

How about you - how do you display or corral your Christmas cards?  Any special decorations that you look forward to year after year?

*Linking up at A Bowl Full Of Lemons, I Heart NaptimeTatertots & JelloOne Artsy Mama and IHeart Organizing
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