Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Taming The Recipe Mess

Once upon a time, I bought binders.  Lots and lots of binders.  I planned to use one for a Home Management Binder and a couple of small ones to organize other paperwork or areas of our home. 

I found these two buried in the office closet that I had grabbed months ago from a Target clearance rack. 
Gotta love 98 cents!

My plan was to use them to help organize my recipes.   I was previously using a recipe book with clear slots for recipe cards.  The binding started to come apart and I was always a little frustrated that I had to take the recipe card out to see any writing on the back. 

There's something a little nostalgic about a recipe box to me...I found one on Amazon (a couple months ago)with a cute pattern and lots of space for future crowd pleasers!  I took out all my old recipe cards from the book, along with a stack of other cards from my mom's group cookbook, and now they all reside in one tidy box. 

I like to keep my appetizer recipes filed separately, and since there wasn't a tab for that, I just keep them right in front.

This was big improvement but it didn't solve this issue....
I tend to find a lot of recipes online through and the Food Network, then copy or print the ones that are keepers.  I also like to print out recipes that I get over email from family and friends.  All of those made up this comical pile of papers that was just tucked away in a cupboard....and that I would have to plow through every time I needed a specific recipe. 

And wouldn't you know, I found a few more recipe cards hiding in the pile.

The plan is to organize all of my printed recipes in the binder, but I'm really trying to think about how I look through recipes when planning our meals so that I set this up in the best way for our family.  I'm still on the fence on incorporating the recipe cards into the binder, so it's all in one central location.  I still have some work to do here (and some more closet digging!) but the recipe disaster is slowly coming under control!

How do you organize your recipes?  Do you have them all one spot?  Any one else actually use a recipe box or is it just a nice idea? 

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  1. Just found your blog! I have those exact same binders from Target, and bought them on clearance with very similar plans. My plan had been to glue smaller recipes to larger pages (or photocopy/scan them) and use clear sheet protectors to cover the pages so they would stay clean. Truth be told, it may take me years to get that done, but it seemed simple enough that it might get done!
    I do have a recipe box....but I don't know where it is. I like using it, when I can find it!
    Looking forward to reading more! I'd love to have you stop by sometime :)

  2. Hi Deme,
    Maybe after you get your recipes organized, you can come over and do mine? I have some in a box, and some in a binder. When I print out new recipes online, I always forget to three hole punch them so then I just wind up shoving them into the binder. It's a big, disorganized mess! I love the box you found on Amazon, and I wish I had seen those binders on clearance at Target! Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be great. :)

  3. I'm a recipe binder gal. I like to put everything in sheet protectors so I don't get them grubby when I'm cooking. It's very easy to move them around if I decide to organize them a different way. With so many of my favorite recipes coming from the internet, I'm just not going to keep up with entering them on a little card, even though the recipe box is very cute!

  4. Thanks gals! We're definitely going with sheet protectors for the printed recipes :)


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