Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: A Confession

At day 11 in this 31 day series on Working With What You Have, I already need to confess.  The intent of this series was to put myself on a project spending freeze in order to force myself to work with the many project supplies I already own.  I'm actually on track here; although, I did buy an extension cord today.  But in my book, it was out of necessity:)

The same idea was to be applied to my wardrobe.  I put myself on a spending freeze so that I would be forced to use a little creativity in stretching my closet and putting together outfits with the clothes.  So, no new clothes for myself for 31 days. 

This area has been much harder.  I think it's largely because we are changing over to cooler weather, and the seasonal purge I do of my closet has left some holes.  But living with these "gaps" for the 31 days is helping me to realize what items I really do need and which ones will give me the most bang for my buck.

But my confession is not even about sweaters or's about shoes.  I ended up returning a pair of shoes to Marshall's that I bought before I started the series, but I received a store credit instead of cash.  Yay and Ugh! This meant I could go shopping....right?  Marshall's doesn't carry groceries or other necessities.  So, first I tried to think of something I really needed.  Socks.  Check.  But that still left a decent balance on my gift card.

And then I caved to the lure of the shoe department.  I've been keeping my eye out for a pair of nude heels.  I don't have any closed toe heels and wanted to invest in a really versatile pair.  Well, the nude pair was way over my budget, but these lovelies were closer...

They also happen to be quite comfortable, so I went for it.  After all was totaled between the 3-pack of socks and the shoes, I had to pay $15.00 out of pocket after the gift card.  I know it's really not that much but I'm still feeling a little guilt.  They also aren't the nude color I wanted but are definitely a neutral that would work with a lot.  I'll have to think about it for a few more days and see if buyer's remorse drives me back or if I settle on them being a good investment to the wardrobe.....just 20 days sooner than they should have been :)

Anyone else get sucked in by shoes?  Or what it is that draws you in like the world's largest magnet?

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  1. Keep the shoes! I think you'll be sad if you don't. :)

    1. You're right, Cami - pretty sure they're staying :)

  2. Well, while I was updating our nook area to look like yours, you started this work with what you got series! I had bought a bunch of throw pillows from Target (on clearance, but still) for the nook area and the couch in our family room. You inspired me (again), and I decided I too would attempt to use what I had (using a pillowcase I like and already owned to cover old throw pillows) and will return most of the pillows I'd bought. So if you count my savings (inspired by you) then you are more than even with the shoes. ;)

  3. Silver/Gray/Metallic shoes work as a great neutral! Plus how easy to dress up some jeans and blouse. I love shoes so I am a bit biased but keep 'em!


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